About Song Club

We're obsessively focused on your growth as a songwriter. 😍

A woman singing into a mic from a stage.

We help our writers stay writing, by offering you support, community, and educational content to help you improve your craft.

It's almost like you get more hours back in your day.

As a member of Song Club, you'll level up fast, stay inspired, and make new songwriter friends.


Song Club is a songwriting community focused on your growth as a songwriter.

  • Live songwriting sessions with Song Club member chat
  • Fresh songwriting prompts dropped each week
  • Feedback Friday mentorship on your songs
  • Community of friends and collaborators to write with
  • Events, workshops, and so much more ✨

The world needs your voice. Song Club is a space dedicated to encouraging the creation of your music.

Membership Specific

Totally! If you're leaving town or need to step back from the monthly subscription, you can pause your membership for up to 2 months and keep your profile inside Song Club.

To pause your membership, email me at hello@songfancy.com with the subject line, "Request membership pause"

Let’s level up your song skills. ✨

We support you as a songwriter by giving you access to the tools, time, and place to grow your writing skills fast. Here’s what you can expect from membership:


✨ Full Community Access ✨
✨ Live Writing Sessions each week ✨
(Tues & Thurs @ 12pm CEN)
✨ Weekly song prompt ✨
✨ Feedback Fridays ✨
✨ Workshop Library ✨
✨ Member Directory ✨
✨ Challenges & Events ✨