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Hi, I’m Sarah Spencer! I believe that a multifaceted, fulfilling life and being a songwriter aren't mutually exclusive. Here, we help busy songwriters to write more, make songwriter friends, and find more joy in a life of making music.

Meet Sarah Spencer: Nashville based Singer/Songwriter, and host of Song Club.
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More writing days. Less writer’s guilt.

You have dreams of making music full time. Song Club gives you the structure, community, and accountability to keep those songs coming:

  • Library of workshops and events

  • Fresh songwriting prompts

  • Exclusive content to grow your skills

  • Friends and collaborators to write with

  • Live songwriting sessions

Live Write-Ins with friends: Now twice weekly!

Every Tuesday and Thursday for 1 hour, we meet on Zoom to work on our music. It's like a study group plus a songwriter meetup!


Focused, consistent songwriting time
  • Song Club only chat
  • Songwriter friends supporting each other!
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Song coaching from Sarah Spencer. Get custom videos each week on the song you submit.

Hands on Song Coaching from a Pro

I've been working with songwriters for a decade now, offering song feedback and coaching. I'd love to help you grow as a creative! Inside our Song Coaching membership level, you'll get:

  • Access to our Private Coaching Space
  • Submit your song every week for Feedback Friday
  • Custom song coaching videos from me for every song you turn in
  • Detailed Songwriting Goals form, so I can help guide you beyond the song
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Aww, a pink blob!
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Orange blob. She's so cute! :)

Weekly Song Prompt

On Mondays, a fresh song prompts drops. Each week, write a new song. You'll never be out of new ideas.

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Monthly Themes

Every month we switch things up with educational articles & activities on a particular theme. Including the 5 in 5!

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Songwriter Friends

Everything’s better with friends! Find co-writers and collaborators, ask questions, and talk shop with other Song Club members.

Making more writing 
time possible.

Here’s what some of our lovely members had to say:

Carly Escoto

"Thank you! this was so fun. It's amazing how much structure and accountability helps to just get it done!"

–Carly Escoto

Artist / Songwriter


"I love the live write-ins! I've found it super helpful to have a standing writing date, especially since my day job has gotten more demanding, and I've had a hard time feeling inspired amidst the busyness. The write-ins have helped me brush off the dust!"

–Julie Marie

Artist / Songwriter

Chelsey Coy

"This was great! Loved carving out the hour to actually sit down and write - something so simple, but yet I take for granted."

–Chelsey Coy

Songwriter, single girl/married girl band

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Meet Sarah Spencer: Nashville based Singer/Songwriter, and host of Song Club.

Meet your host:

Sarah Spencer

Hi! I’m an pop singer/songwriter writing songs in Nashville, Tennessee.

I’ve been writing music professionally since 2012 and have seen my songs played on the radio, cut by artists, toured around the country, win awards, and climb charts.

In 2014, I created SongFancy to share what I was learning in Nashville with other songwriters out there who needed a little inspiration and encouragement.

I’m SO excited to be sharing even more inside Song Club. I’m proud to be a resource for other writers who want to write more, feel DAMN good about their songs, and share them with the world.

Cheering for you,
-Sarah Spencer

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We support you as a songwriter by giving you access to the tools, time, and place to grow your writing skills fast. There are two ways to join:

Song Club Community


✨ Full Community Access ✨
✨ Live Writing Sessions each week ✨
(Tues & Thurs @ 12pm CEN)
✨ Weekly song prompt ✨
✨ Workshop Library ✨
✨ Member Directory ✨
✨ Challenges & Events ✨

Song Club: Song Coaching


You get everything from Community level, plus:

✅ Private Feedback Fridays Space
✅ Submit a new song every week
✅ Pro song feedback videos from Sarah per submission
✅ Detailed goals intake form (to get to know you!)