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A few of our Amazing Past Guests

We adore these people! We bring in some of our amazing friends to teach about what they do best. From sync, to publishing, to creative health, these incredible people are here to help you grow as a well-rounded writer.

Mike Meiers of Songwriting For Guitar

Mike Meiers

Creator of Songwriting For Guitar,
Producer, Songwriter

Bonnie J. Baker, hit songwriter, of bker MUSIC and bker MGMT

Bonnie J. Baker

Hit songwriter, creator of
bker MUSIC and bker MGMT

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On-Demand Workshops

With Sarah Spencer

Let's finally do something about all those unfinished songs! In this workshop, you'll learn 10 different ways to finish every song you start. Grab a song, and let's work on it while you watch the workshop.

With Sarah Spencer

In this mini-workshop, you’ll learn the critical skill of identifying fluff and filler in your songs.

  • Understand how surgical songwriting makes better songs
  • How to identify filler to remove
  • How to pick out the good stuff that’s invaluable to your song