Live Write-Ins

Your weekly songwriting hangout! Focused songwriting time with your Song Club writing group.

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Get more writing done. With friends!

Live Write-Ins give you dedicated songwriting time to focus on your creative projects.
Live Write-Ins help you with:

  • Consistency: We write twice a week
  • Focus: Distraction-free, muted Zoom call
  • Structured: I host so you can make the most of your time!
Chelsey Coy

"This was great! Loved carving out the hour to actually sit down and write - something so simple, but yet I take for granted."

–Chelsey Coy

Songwriter, single girl/married girl band

No more creating in a vacuum.

It can feel a bit lonely when we're just making music solo, in our bedrooms and studio spaces. Live Write-Ins bring songwriters together. You always have a friend with you in your write.

  • Accountability: We're all creating together
  • Friendship: Make co-writer friends!
  • Encouragement: Stuck? Let us know in chat, we can help!
A look at the session from my desk. Hi gang!

"I can't tell you how many times I've shown up for a Live Write-In and felt kind of sluggish and uninspired... and then I see everyone working on their art and I see people writing in the chat what they're working on, speedbumps they're working through, and it really gives me the momentum and encouragement I need to show up for myself and my art.

Before I know it, an hour has gone by and I'm knee deep into the chorus of a song or tracking something! [...] Live Write-Ins are the best and I look forward to them every Tuesday and Thursday!"

–Julie Marie

Artist / Songwriter

A Black woman recording piano on her laptop.

Live Write-Ins are now twice weekly!

We now meet every Tuesday and Thursday, from 12pm CEN to 1pm CEN.

How long? 1 hour
Where at? Zoom
What time? 12pm CEN (Nashville)


They help so much! For starters, Song Clubbers who participate at least once a week in our Live Write-Ins find that their catalog grows by leaps and bounds, they get more done, and they feel more purpose in writing together alongside the group. It's major accountability and support!

Let’s level up your song skills. ✨

We support you as a songwriter by giving you access to the tools, time, and place to grow your writing skills fast. There are two ways to join:

Song Club Community


✨ Full Community Access ✨
✨ Live Writing Sessions each week ✨
(Tues & Thurs @ 12pm CEN)
✨ Weekly song prompt ✨
✨ Workshop Library ✨
✨ Member Directory ✨
✨ Challenges & Events ✨

Song Club: Song Coaching


You get everything from Community level, plus:

✅ Private Feedback Fridays Space
✅ Submit a new song every week
✅ Pro song feedback videos from Sarah per submission
✅ Detailed goals intake form (to get to know you!)