About Song Club

About Song Club

Song Club is a songwriting community focused on your growth as a songwriter.

We help our writers keep writing, by offering you support, community, and content to invest in improving your craft. It's almost like you get more hours back in your day. As a member of Song Club, you'll level up fast, stay inspired, and make new songwriter friends.

We do this through:

  • Live songwriting sessions with chat
  • Fresh songwriting prompts each week
  • Feedback Friday sessions for feedback on your songs
  • Community of friends and collaborators to write with
  • Events and so much more coming. ✨

Song Club wants you to feel joyful about your writing and to keep the songs coming! The world needs your voice. Song Club is a space dedicated to encouraging the creation of your music.

Let’s level up your song skills. ✨

We support you as a songwriter by giving you access to the tools, time, and place to grow your writing skills fast. Here’s what you can expect from membership:


✨ Full Community Access ✨
✨ Live Writing Sessions each week ✨
(on Thursdays @ 12pm cen)
✨ Weekly song prompt ✨
✨ Feedback Fridays ✨
✨ Workshop Library ✨
✨ Member Directory ✨
✨ Challenges & Events ✨