Never miss a writing day again.

Song Club will help you keep your writing appointments with yourself, make new writer friends inside the club, and empower you to grow your skills as a songwriter.

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We could all use a little help from our friends.

Song Club's community of songwriters is a special one. Looking for a cowriter to help you finish a tune? Or a trusted ear to lend feedback? We got you. 💪 We're all friends here.

Carly Escoto

"Thank you! this was so fun. It's amazing how much structure and accountability helps to just get it done!"

–Carly Escoto

Artist / Songwriter


"I love the live write-ins! I've found it super helpful to have a standing writing date, especially since my day job has gotten more demanding, and I've had a hard time feeling inspired amidst the busyness. The write-ins have helped me brush off the dust!"

–Julie Marie

Artist / Songwriter

Chelsey Coy

"This was great! Loved carving out the hour to actually sit down and write - something so simple, but yet I take for granted."

–Chelsey Coy

Songwriter, single girl/married girl band

A time to write for busy songwriters.

Life got you frequently missing your songwriting appointments with yourself? Song Club's got you!

We have bi-weekly live streamed songwriting sessions with club members to help hold you accountable to yourself. Each session is guided by artist/songwriter and creator of SongFancy, Sarah Spencer. Chat with other Song Club members while you go.

Busy is no longer an excuse for Song Club members. 🙌

Live streamed songwriting sessions

Calender of writes so you can plan ahead

Weekly songwriting prompt to get you started

Community to keep you inspired and having fun.

Discussions and song sharing

Meet new co-writers

Chat during songwriting sessions

When you're going it alone, it can feel... well, lonely.

Some of the best friendships are songwriter friendships. In Song Club, you can become BFF's with your new favorite artist, co-write with your perfect melody-writing compliment, and engage in meaningful discussions.